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Experience the best in ice skating instruction with our team of highly experienced coaches, who bring a wealth of expertise and accomplishments to guide you on your journey. Our coaching staff includes a 7-time South African Junior Champion and former competitor at Junior Worlds and Four Continents, ensuring that you receive instruction from someone with firsthand knowledge of high-level competitive skating.

In addition to our champion coach, our team also boasts over 10 years of combined experience with renowned productions such as Holiday on Ice and Disney on Ice. This background demonstrates their deep understanding of performance and showmanship, allowing them to impart valuable skills and insights to aspiring skaters.

Our coaches have achieved remarkable success in choreography competitions, reaching the finals of prestigious events like YAS (Young Artist Showcase) and Quest for Creativity in the US. Their talent and creativity in designing captivating routines and interpreting music will inspire and elevate your artistic expression on the ice.

Join our skating program today and experience the transformative power of learning from a team of accomplished coaches who have honed their skills through years of dedication, competition, and professional performance.

Our Vision

Our mission is to inspire young and old into a welcoming and great skating club offering our
members fantastic experiences and lasting memories with the bonus of making new friends, all this with the help of our exceptional and highly trained coaches in a safe and controlled environment.

A skating community, built on the pillars of hard work, dedication and enjoyment. We aim to
make skating an accessible sport for everyone no matter what your skill level we will walk with you through your skating journey.

We aim to make Skating an accessible sport for everyone through creating an inclusive and positive environment.

To become your best we give you the option to EVOLVE.


years Experience

Our Team of coaches

Meet our profesional experienced coaches up  and personal 

Co-Founder of Evolution on Ice
After retiring from performing with Disney on Ice, I have started coaching full time and working with Special Needs on Ice. My wife and I are currently running the learn to skate in conjunction with the local ice rink in Pretoria and have thus far generated over 190 pupils for our School Evolution On Ice. 2022 we have had 15 skaters represent Gauteng North at the South African National Championships which includes South Africa’s youngest Pair team. We are currently busy in partnership with SASS in starting 2 synchronized skating teams. We have been part in the recent opening of the skating school in the newly build ice rink at Rustenburg. Help with the fundraising and doing an end year show for CANSA, hosting The Spar Women’s Challenge on the ice. We help skaters get Show ready with one of our students getting the honor to be part and receiving a contract for Disney on Ice. We are also proud to be the biggest skating school in the country with just over 190 skaters and growing, with a team of 12 coaches all with their respectful strong points in Figure Skating, Off Ice training, Special needs program, Pairs, Solo Ice Dance, Synchro, choreographers, Nutrition and Sport science.
Co-Founder of Evolution on Ice
I started my skating journey when I was 6 years old in 1994. As an athlete, I competed nationally for Northern Transvaal which then later changed to Gauteng North. I competed both nationally and internationally and represented South Africa in competitions hosted in Croatia and Germany. I received Senior National colors and completed my Skills 6 level test prior to retiring from competitive skating. Whilst competing, I started my coaching journey as a TAP in 2006. I then turned professional in 2008 when I joined the Holiday on Ice tour from 2008-2009. Following this tour, I secured a long standing contract with Disney on Ice, which I was a part of from 2009-2017 for multiple tours. During this time, I fulfilled many roles, including but not limited to: - Women’s Line Captain - Assistant Performance Director - Concessions Stock Control, - Acting Tour Coordinator for Australian-PR Tour, - Backstage Crew Working with Disney has given me the opportunity to develop several skills, including working within public relations and marketing, as well as experience with intricate choreography and performance directing. After retiring from performing with Disney on Ice in 2017, I started coaching full time. On our return my husband and I also immediately connected with a special needs organization which we work with weekly on the ice. Additionally to our private and club coaching we also run the Learn to Skate program with over 300 skaters per term at the Grove Ice Rink in conjunction with the local ice rink in Pretoria and have thus far generated over 190 pupils for our club, Evolution On Ice. I enjoy being part of projects beyond the standard coaching requirements and have been involved with projects such as the opening of the Nelspruit ice rink, where I choreographed several programs, as well as the Winter Wonderland Show. I was also involved in charity fundraisers for CANSA where we facilitated an ice skating show purely for the purpose of raising funds for CANSA. We were also part of the opening of the Rustenburg skating school. Furthermore, we took initiative during Covid-19, and participated in the virtual Spar Women’s Challenge, by running the race at the ice rink. This received good media coverage and gave further exposure to the sport. From 2017 - 2023 we have seen significant growth within our club of which I am the co-founder. We stared with a mere 10 athletes and we are now the biggest skating club in the country, sitting at 190 members. In 2022/2023 we had 15 skaters represent GNFSA at the South African National Championships, which included South Africa’s youngest pair team. I ensure that we explore all disciplines of skating and we currently work in partnership with SASS, where we have started 2 synchronized skating teams (One Division A and one Division B). We were also very fortunate to have multiple of our athletes selected for international competitions. As our member number have grown, it has been important to ensure we have enough coaches to give athletes individualized support during training. We currently have a team of 12 coaches, all with their respective strengths, which includes but is not limited to: - Off-ice training - Special needs programs - Pairs - Solo Ice Dance - Synchronized skating coaching experience - Choreography experience - Nutrition and sport science experience - Technical Panel experience - Social Media Marketing - Scheduling and administration As the co-founder of Evolution on Ice, I ensure that continuous coaches development take place in various aspects. Myself and a member of our team were recently selected to attend the ISU Africa and Middle East Region Development Camp in Bergamo, which we attended, bringing back and sharing the knowledge gained with the rest of the coaching team. Furthermore I have the following qualifications/experience: ● Creative Choreography Competitions - YAS and Quest for Creativity Finalist ● Level 2 National Technical Specialist ● Level 2 First Aid ● SAFSA Safe Guarding Approved ● Sport Science Degree ● Teachers in most major dance disciplines - Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Tap and Sports Aerobics ● 1 year part of SAFSCC(South African Figure Skating Coaches Commission) 2020 -2021 I am passionate about the sport and I believe that my experience in club development (PR, marketing, charitable, special needs, shows and events), could benefit South African skating as a whole.
It has always been one of my dreams to become a professional figure skater. At the age of four I started skating with Yolande and Konrad as my coaches. In my many years of skating I have received many national titles and competed at international events. At the age of six, in 2006, I represented South Africa for the first time at an international figure skating competition in Croatia and placed second. I have had the privilege to represent South Africa in multiple competitions overseas. In 2019 turned my love and passion for skating into an occupation as I joined the Evolution on Ice coaching team. Besides skating, I have also done a variety of sports as I have competed in rhythmic gymnastics, ballet, tap, hip-hop, and modern dance. I started competitive cheerleading in highschool and soon received my Gauteng colours. In time received my Protea colours and represented South Africa at the World Championships in 2017 and 2019. I am currently a student at the University of Pretoria studying a BSc Honours in Human Physiology, after receiving my BSc Degree in Human Physiology, Genetics, and Psychology.
Hi! I’m Mathilda and I have been skating since 2018 and I’m still going strong. I have received my provincial colours in figure skating and represented Gauteng North at 4 National championships. My dream is to represent South Africa at an international competition and I am working hard on achieving my goal this skating season. My love for skating continues to grow everyday due to the limitless nature of the sport. I get a sense of freedom as well as excitement since there are many new tricks and skills to learn, invent and discover. Figure skating has developed me mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally since it is a safe space to express myself and to be creative. It has given me lifelong characteristics that influence my everyday life. They are: perseverance, grit, patience, sportsmanship and humility. The Evolution Family’s support and motivation is something I will always treasure. Figure skating is an addictive passion! My favorite part about skating is the jovial feeling that comes with helping others. Having the opportunity to share the same passion for figure skating with a student and working with them to accomplish their goals is such a fulfilling sensation. Walking that journey with students and watching them improve and grow is so special! I enjoy that it challenges me to think outside the box, to expand my creativity. As a Coach, I have the constant need to improve my skills and learn new techniques. I’m in the learning process to become a technical specialist, since this will add to my choaching skills. There’s always room to grow and learn and that is what I enjoy about Coaching.
I’m Donatella and i’ve been skating for 13 years. At the age of 12, I obtained my level 5 in skating skills and competed in my first nationals. I have achieved multiple podium positions at our National championships. I have achieved international selections and had the opportunity to represent South Africa and compete overseas. I have achieved my Gold Ice Dance test. I love that I am able to express myself and my own individuality through skating and performing. I also enjoy the gratification I get from achieving my goals, as it is a true reflection of the effort, dedication and time that I have put into it. I enjoy being able to coach as it allows me to pass on the knowledge I've gained over the years to others. I want to help young skaters reach their potential and I love seeing the growth of each skater over time.
I'm Hannelore I’ve been skating for quite some time, to name annexact date is diffucult but it is around the 7 year mark. What I enjoy about skating is that there's always more to learn and more to achieve. Skating is a sport with endless opportunities. I enjoy seeing the hard work I have to put in be rewarded by success and progress. I love how skating pushes me to become a better version of myself. I enjoy coaching because I get to share my love for the sport. Coaching encourages me to improve my problem solving skills and to find methods that suit the skater I'm working with best. I've achieved more than I thought I could. 2 years ago I never imagined I would be coaching other skaters.
I started skating at the age of 2 and a 1⁄2 and did my very first competition at 3. I fell inlove instantly with the sport and competed nationally and internationally from 2000 up until 2017. Between the years 2001 and 2011 I won every local competition at National level. I also won several international competition as a young athlete between 2000 and 2007. And received my Junior Protea Colours in 2010 when I competed at my first Junior World Championships. After retiring as a competitive skater, I embarked further on my coaching journey. Within the first year I attended SA champs with an athlete and have had athletes compete at National level ever since. In 2022, I took my first athlete to an international competition. I am also a senior technical specialist in the country and was selected to attend the ISU technical seminar. I am part of a great team of coaches who pride ourselves in inclusivity, ensuring our young athletes feel safe and have the opportunity to grow and develop, not just sport specific skills, but skills that will drive their success in all aspects of their life.
I started skating when I was 7 years old, after watching the movie Ice Princess. Suddenly netbal didn’t sound too exciting and getting up at 4 and driving a full hour to the rink sounded better ! I love how expressive skating is and how you can truely be yourself in the moment. It’s amazing to me how something so challenging can be so freeing and rewarding. Coaching taught me alot of things. I never expected to fall in love with the feeling of gratitude as you see someone else develop a passion for skating, the sport you’ve been pursuing since a child. It’s quite rewarding in many ways. The quick laughs in between training and small victories makes it all worth it to me.
I’ve been skating for roughly around 12 years. I am a national skater and have achieved international qualification.My first Nationals I competed in was at the age of 12. I enjoy the freedom and peace that it brings to me. I adore the dresses and being able to act and showcase my creativity. I enjoy being able to express myself. I enjoy watching the people I coach achieve their goals, it is as exciting for me as it is to them. Helping people love the sport as much as I do brings me a great deal of joy. Although I can’t skate anymore due to injuries, my love for the sport has not stopped growing.
I’ve been on the ice for as long as I can remember. This year marks 15 years on the ice. I am a national skater and have reached international qualification in Synchronised skating. I’ve competed in Solo Ice Dance, Solo Skating, Couples Ice dance as well as Synchronised skating. I enjoy the freedom skating has to offer and inclusivity that can be found within the community. It is a safe space to grow and explore without judgement. I enjoy being able to share my love and knowledge for the sport with all our enthusiastic skaters. With every lesson I teach, every failed spin, every successful new skill, every fall, my love for the sport continues to grow. I’m currently a final year education student at TUKS. I enjoy teaching and helping people learn. Watching others reach success and their full potential is an truly an amazing sight. Skating is a great developmental sport.Skating develops you physically, psychologically and emotionally. Skating will teach you many life skills, we are known for being: punctual, dedicated, respectful and having grit. We aim to create a nurturing environment where you are able to grow and develop into your full potential. We make skating accessible through various skating “programs” that are inclusive to all ages and skating levels.
The whole team
Meet Our Team at Evolution on Ice: a group of passionate and skilled individuals dedicated to bringing the magic of ice to life! Each member of our team is handpicked for their unwavering love for ice sports, artistic talents, and commitment to providing you with an unforgettable experience. From our talented ice skaters who effortlessly grace the rink with elegance and precision, to our expert instructors who patiently nurture beginners into confident skaters, and our behind-the-scenes crew who flawlessly orchestrate the magic, every team member plays a vital role in making Evolution on Ice a truly exceptional place. we can't wait to welcome you to the world of Evolution on Ice!